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It’s Not Magic- It’s PEMF

Presto! PEMF can make your pain disappear.

Just like we charge our phones, computers, and watches at the end of each day, it is important to charge our most vital piece of technology – our cells. The PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) machine does just that.

When I started working at STANDwellness a few months ago, the PEMF machine was very new to me. I was confused and slightly nervous about a machine that was supposed to pump energy into my body. However, my experience with the machine has been incredibly positive. The hour session is spent laying on a bed that emits the pulse and using pads to target specific areas of the body. I focused on an old knee injury and spent the majority of each session pulsing the area where I experienced pain. The first session offered some relief in mobility and by the fifth time my pain was almost nonexistent. In looking at the research, these results are due to an improved cellular charge and increased oxygen flow, which reduces inflammation. The PEMF machine can be used for more than just knee pain. It has been useful in situations of chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, post-surgical healing, inflammatory bowel diseases, neuropathy, headaches, and more. So how can it help you?

The science behind it is fascinating. On average, the human body is comprised of 37.4 trillion cells. Let me say that again, our bodies are made up of 37.4 trillion cells! These cells are responsible for every function in our bodies from digesting our food to the structure of our pinky toe. At conception, we start as a single cell that begins to divide rapidly. Cells become specialized during this process, which dictates their function. Some cells will become muscle cells and form the heart, while other cells become nerve cells and become our central nervous system. Even though their tasks can be polar opposite, the internal structure of the cell remains virtually the same.

Cells are small sacks of water, surrounded by a fatty membrane, full of functional units called organelles. The organelles include but are not limited to the nucleus and mitochondria, which house the genetic material and produce energy. In order to have a fully functioning cell, all of the organelles need to be working properly. For this to happen, cells need adequate nutrition and to be fully charged. This allows for correct signaling within the nucleus and the maintenance of structural integrity.

Exposure to radiation, chemicals, acute injury, and the natural process of aging cause cells to lose their charge and become weak. According to Dr. Tennant, cells are designed to run at -20 to -25 millivolts and when the voltage drops below -20 millivolts we begin to develop chronic pain. With a reduction in charge, signals typically sent to the nucleus are reduced and the entire structure begins to flatten. This is because low voltage reduces the cell’s ability to transport oxygen, which in turn reduces the cell’s ability to produce energy and increases inflammation. So, in our modern lives, full of cell phones, computers, Bluetooth, airplanes, and chemicals how do we maintain our cellular charge?

In recent years, there has been a huge surge in research of high voltages and their influence on the charge of our cells. The U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research and NASA are leading the way in this new technology. It has been found that subjecting human cells to nanopulses of high voltage energy can improve the charge of damaged cells, which can then enhance positive gene activity and cellular function as well as reduce pain (Schoenbachet al., 2004). The PEMF machine offers access to these same nanopulses and can help everyone charge their cells back into a healthier state. The pulse used in this machine matches the frequency emitted from the Earth’s core. It is one that our bodies recognize and crave when we are removed from the ground due to things like flying, rubber soled shoes, and if you’re an astronaut, going to space.

The most amazing part of this machine is that everyone can benefit from it. Unless you live in true wilderness and eat completely organic, in which case you are most likely unable to read this post, the PEMF machine is for you. Side effects include increased energy, decreased pain, and more restful sleep.



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