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If you’re like me, Christmas shopping is always a chore. I leave it to the last minute and end up spending more on shipping then I do on the actual gift. Luckily, I have learned my lesson and decided to do all of my shopping locally this year. Here at STANDwellness we have more than vitamins- our shelves are stocked with great gifts for even the most difficult person to buy for. Below you’ll find a list of my favorite buys. 

$25 & under 

Nuun– these delicious electrolyte tables are great stocking stuffers for the athlete in the family. They provide easily absorbed electrolytes to replenish after a workout with only one gram of sugar.

Schmidt’s Deodorant and Toothpastes– start the new year smelling right! These all-natural deodorants are effective in keeping you feeling fresh all day. Additionally, the toothpastes taste great and have impressive whitening power.

EO Essentials Hand Sanitizer– Keeping our hands clean is an important line of defense when keeping healthy this holiday season. We carry both travel sizes and larger bottles in three different scents.

Clary Collection Body Oil, Hair Oil, and All-Purpose Balm– One of my personal favorites, these products are perfect for keeping skin and hair soft and moisturized during the winter. 

On the Roll Perfume Oils– Artificial fragrances contain harmful chemicals linked to hormone disruption and allergic reactions. Keep your loved ones safe and smelling great with these essential oil based roll on perfumes.

Wildflower and Buckwheat Honey– Local honey from East End Apiaries is a great way to sweeten holiday drinks and snacks as well as soothe a sore throat. 

Wild Orange Essential Oil – This essential oil is known to energize and uplift moods. Rub on wrists and temples with a carrier oil or diffuse in the air for an overall sense of wellbeing. 

Car Diffuser – does your car smell like your kid’s hockey equipment or the leftover food you forgot in the back seat? This small diffuser sits right in your cup holder and will keep your car smelling fresh with the power of safe and beneficial essential oils. 


OnGuard– This DoTERRA essential oil is designed specifically to fight cold and flu viruses. Diffuse in the air when family members are sick or put a few drops in your water to keep immunity up. 

Four Sigmatic– We carry the full line of Four Sigmatic mushroom beverages. Coffee, chai, golden milk, and hot chocolate, all spiked with medicinal mushrooms like reishi, lion’s mane, cordyceps, and shiitake.

Skinny Protein– Plant based protein that can easily be incorporated into smoothies.

CBD Bath Salts– achieve a whole new level of relaxation, these bath salts are a combination of Epsom salts, CBD, and essential oils. Seriously, it’s the best bath you will ever have.

Travel Essential Oil Diffuser– Low priced and perfect for teachers and college students. This portable diffuser plugs into your computer to help calm you, energize you or help you focus, depending on the oil you choose. Great stocking stuffer!

Infrared Sauna Gift Card– Help your loved ones to detoxify their body and get to a pain-free state. Infrared Saunas help shine a literal light on a healthier you. Perfect for the cooler weather, the infrared sauna heats you from the inside out. If you can’t get to the Caribbean to warm your bones at least you can get to Water Mill!

$50 – $100

Safe Sleeve– These phone and computer cases block the harmful radiation emitted through cellular connections, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Biocean– This bioavailable source of minerals, electrolytes, and trace elements come from purified ocean water.

CBD Pain Balm– Have a loved one who experiences pain, spoil them with our organic CBD pain balm. 

Petal Diffuser– This beautiful compact diffuser is perfect for anyone looking to start diffusing essential oils.

$100 & up 

CBD– We carry a wide range of CBD oils for calming, focusing, and overall wellbeing. You can read more about the benefits of CBD here: https://standwellness.com/2018/09/24/cbd-101/

DPL– This red-light pad is useful for pain relief on specific areas of the body. It also has been FDA approved for increasing collagen in the skin and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

PEMF Session Gift Card– Help your loved ones pulse their way to better health in the new year. See our blog post on the PEMF machine to learn more. https://standwellness.com/2018/10/02/its-not-magic-its-pemf/

This list is just the beginning of what we have to offer! Stop by for individual support and we will even design and assemble custom gift baskets. 

Happy gifting! 


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