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631-500-9021 | 50 Station Road, Building 3 Unit 1, Water Mill, NY 11976

In September of last year, I was faced with a plethora of major stressors. A job search, a move to a new city and a recurrence of an old illness. Those stressors manifested as adult-onset acne. As a woman in her early thirties who had clear skin up until that point- I was horrified. Acne? Now? Ugh. I went right to a dermatologist who put me on a low dose of doxycycline to help clear my skin.

The good news was that my skin cleared up very quickly. The bad news was I was constantly bloated, my head often felt foggy, and my digestion never felt regular. Though I knew much of my digestive issues were related to the antibiotics I was taking, I had concerns about going off of them fearing my skin would erupt again. As a result, I stayed on doxycycline for close to a year.

I came to work at STANDwellness in July of this year, making a decision to live close to family and at a slower, more mindful pace in Southampton. I felt confident I could finally go off the antibiotics and my skin would be okay. Looking healthy is important, good skin and a healthy body weight are part of that, but I wanted to feel healthy. STANDwellness has a special way of doing that. You see the possibilities of greater wellness all around you and can simultaneously access the expertise and tools to get you there.

By thoroughly explaining the gut-brain connection, Tapp empowered me to give my body the bacteria and fiber it now required. She suggested I take 5 days of a potent probiotic called Progurt. Additionally, she suggested I do a 6-week course of a gut healing mineral supplement called Restore and to continue on a cycle of pro and prebiotic-rich foods and supplements.

Research suggests that it can take between 6-18 months to repopulate the gut flora after just one round of antibiotics. The microbiome has been dubbed the “second brain,” since it contains its own neural network known as the enteric nervous system (ENS). The ENS is a complex system of about 100 million nerves found in the lining of the gut, arising from the same tissues as our central nervous systems (CNS) during fetal development. It has chemical and structural similarities to the brain, so it makes senses that when my gut health suffered so did my mental health.

It has only been two-weeks but my belly is feeling brand new! The bloating disappeared. My digestion normalized. And the best part about it, my mood has markedly improved. I’m also happy to report that my skin hasn’t freaked out. The experience reinforced the importance of my lifestyle choices in supporting my physical and psychological well-being. It also made me super grateful for providers like Tapp who know what they are offering when they recommend specific supplements and probiotics.

By Dee Gredysa


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  1. Moving to a new city can expose people to all kinds of new allergens and infections. Along with the stress, it’s no wonder that GI problems are so common in these circumstances. If it’s really bad or lasts more than a few days, don’t hesitate to see the doctor. Stressors can also be the final straw that reveals a dormant, underlying condition.

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