631-500-9021 | 50 Station Road, Building 3 Unit 1, Water Mill, NY 11976
631-500-9021 | 50 Station Road, Building 3 Unit 1, Water Mill, NY 11976

A Wellness Center

It’s time to optimize your body. Whether you’re faced with the struggles of chronic illness or you’re seeking a next-level approach to your family’s overall wellness, don’t take your health sitting down. STANDwellness places focus on detoxification and reducing inflammation for a healthier body. We give you the tools to embrace a pain-free, balanced you.

Services We Offer

Through the latest cellular rejuvenation PEMF therapies, thermography, infrared saunas, and customized nutrition plans, our team of practitioners guides you to full-body recovery. It’s the boost of wellness you’ve been seeking, every day. This is your only body. Take care of it. Find out how with STANDwellness.


Listen to your gut – what’s it telling you?

When we listen to our bodies, we often hear a telling tale. Are you feeling your best?

To achieve lifetime health, you must be your own advocate. Don’t wait to be reactive against poor health. Be proactive about your health. This starts with your gut.

Known as your second brain, your gut is the center of your immune system. STANDwellness provides the support you need to achieve optimal gut health and body balance.

We offer comprehensive solutions, including infrared therapy, thermography, PEMF therapy, and nutritional counseling.

Here’s how you’ll feel after working with STANDwellness:

• Increased energy
• Better sleep quality
• Healthy digestion
• Fewer colds
• Reduced pain and inflammation
• An improved relationship with your body
• Better eating habits
• Increased overall sense of well-being

*Upcoming Dates*

  • Ashley Dye, Biomagnetism:  Mondays, Fridays, or by Appointment 
  • Cleary Rohde’s Energetic Scans:  Thursdays
  • Essential Oils Seminar:  TBD
  • Jerry Simons, PA, Consultations:  Varies
  • Morrison Center IVs:  Wednesdays
  • Stacy Cicola’s Services (Aroma Touch, Bars, Reiki, & Zyto):  Tuesdays, Saturdays, or by Appointment 
  • Tapp Francke Consultations & Genetic Interpretations:  Monday-Friday 
  • Thermography:  TBD